A Secret Game (2016) SWCD012


A Secret Game (2016) SWCD012


A Secret Game is a collection of new tracks; interspersed with a few old tracks re-recorded for this album. 'Without Your Love' vocals were recorded in Studio One at Olympic Studios in Barnes in 2014. 

This was where Billy recorded his first two albums ‘Would You Believe' and 'Love Songs’ and ironically the session was one of the last to use the studio before the building was turned into the successful cinema, music venue and restaurant complex it is today.

'Waiting for a Friend’ and 'Without Your Love’ were featured in the film ‘McVicar’ in which Roger Daltrey sang these songs. 'Everloving Arms’ first appeared on the White Horse Album.

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Track Listing

1. A Secret Game   
2. Without Your Love  
3. Mystic Muse  
4. Gillian Cooper  
5. A Million Years  
6. Christmas Eve  
7. Everloving Arms  
8. Just One More Night  
9. Brief Encounter  
10. Waiting For A Friend  
11. Amy  

A live version of Billy performing ‘Amy’ is available to watch on YouTube; recorded by his son Morgan in his studio and filmed by his other son Will. A Nicholls family affair! Check it out here.

Click here for the lyrics which appear on A Secret Game.