Meher Baba Album (2011)


Meher Baba Album (2011)


When I heard of the urgent need to preserve Baba's possessions at the London Centre, I wanted to do something to help. What I do best is music, so putting together this CD was the obvious solution.
Most of the tracks are from previous albums but there are some new tracks. 'Without Your Love' and 'Everloving Arms' are new recordings, as are the two 'Baba In Italy' film soundtrack takes. I have included these two tracks because of requests from many Baba lovers for instrumental music that can be used at meetings, slide shows, etc.
It was very difficult choosing what to put on this album. Looking through all of my songs and recordings I soon became aware that the material written about Baba could easily fill several albums!  I hope you enjoy this selection.

All proceeds go to London Baba Centre. For more information click here.

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1. Everloving Arms
2. A Million Years    
3. Embrace The Mystery    
4. Without Your Love    
5. Portofino (Instrumental)
6. Mystic Muse
7. Heaven Come Quickly    
8. Then I Saw White Horses    
9. Love Finds You    
10. Forever's No Time At All    
11. Cave Cry (Instrumental)
12. Warrior    
13. Guardian Angel
14. Alone Again


Click here for the lyrics which appear on Meher Baba Album.