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Friday 08/14/2009 10:44:50pm
Name: Nic Armstrong
City/Country: Austin, TX
Comments: Excellente! Just poured into my mind...


Tuesday 07/21/2009 7:43:01am
Name: Michael Slotwinski
City/Country: Sarnia/Canada
Comments: I've had an amazing night tonight. My 2nd favourite album is Daltrey, and i did some research and Discovered 'early' Leo Sayer/David Courtney/Adam Faith... which led to finding I Can't Stop Loving You... which led to you... which led to Without Your Love... which led back to Daltrey and McVicar!
I'm one of those young guys who is disregarding the modern music of today for those gems of the passed, and tonight I discovered about 20 albums I've never heard of which I definately have to check out.
Shame I can't hear more of your sound clips. Love it all so far however.


Saturday 03/21/2009 4:40:34am
Name: Patrick
City/Country: Kansas City, USA
Comments: I just got a copy of your first LP, and I couldn't figure out why it wasn't a smash hit. After a little reading I found out why. Smash hit or not, it is brilliant.
I may have to do a little more investigating in to your catalog.


Wednesday 02/18/2009 10:09:27pm
Name: Dennis Collopy
City/Country: UK
Comments: Hi Billy

Can you make your original tracks available in digital form - maybe via your own website or ITunes or Amazon. Folk will pay for these if you make them available.
Hope all is well


Friday 01/16/2009 8:17:07am
Name: Andy Cable
City/Country: Axminster
Comments: it was a pleasure meeting you in my shop this week ,we do not get many distinguished song writer producers in , hopefully i will see you again,and can be of help to you in any way, yours sincerely, Andy Cable of Axe Music, Axminster.
Sunday 01/04/2009 9:45:05pm
Name: Gerry Lambe
City/Country: Croydon,London,England
Comments: Hi Billy, Im sure you wont remember me but I was part of the Skunks working with Pete T, at Eel Pie Island in 1977.
I was there when you wrote " When I Need You ", remember we used to listen to the bitsyou had written in between our own sessions ! Great song by the way, Id forgotten your name till I saw a Bio documentary on Pete T and your name was mentioned along with some interviews.
Anyway we have a My Space site its called
Just type in, and oue songs and historic buts are all there !
Please do get in touch sometime, best regards to Pete and the boys mention:
Gerry Lambe ( Vocals / Guitars )
Franco Cornelli ( Guitars)
Hugh Ashton (Bass )
Pete Sturgeon (drums )
Rob Doran ( Sound Production )

Best Regards
Gerry Lambe - The Skunks


Monday 12/01/2008 3:53:25pm
City/Country: warrington cheshire
Comments: Hi Billy, i was lucky enough to have the original vinyl album 'would you believe' it was found in Cairo! would you believe, sold it to a japanese collector for over £1500.00 some years ago, do have the cd copy, one of my top albums ever, brilliant.


Sunday 09/21/2008 1:21:21pm
Name: Steven Crayn
City/Country: London borough of Richmond
Comments: Billy,

I had never heard of you until I found out that you wrote and played on one of my all time favourite songs McVicar, I must chec out more of your stuff.


Steven Crayn


Friday 07/18/2008 10:24:24am
Name: mark pryor
City/Country: dorset
Comments: i would just like to say your album "billy nicholls forever`s no time at all"
is really good i enjoyed every track on the album .
i cant wait to play it in the shop its a good album packed full of easy listening music!!
can`t wait to hear more!!


Thursday 07/17/2008 11:51:42am
Name: Tony Dawson-Hill
City/Country: Herts, UK
Comments: Hi Billy
Just bought a copy of the Rosslyn Road CD and what a brilliant album it is - I love it and can't stop playing it. More please?!
Friday 05/30/2008 2:33:54pm
Name: Toby Allen
City/Country: Great Britan
Comments: Hi Billy, hope your well!... We met in the Raven pub on Goldhawk road a while back. I'm an ole mate of Morgan's, he helped produce a few tracks for a Little band I was in a few years ago, we were managed by Mickey Gallagher of the Blockheads... Anyhow just thought of saying hi as I'm at work turning my workmates on to 'Would you belive'.. They bloody love it mate bigtime!! Do send Morgan me love and say hello. All the best to you and yours.. Tx
Oh yeah, Rosslyn Rd that's in Chiswick right?


Sunday 03/30/2008 10:10:47pm
Name: Jim Gadd
City/Country: Chester.England
Comments: Hi Billy,
I have just been introduced to your work,in a word...Fantastic!!!!
London social degree is 30 years ahead of its time.
best wishes


Friday 02/15/2008 3:10:14am
Name: Timothy Meskers
City/Country: Philadelphia, US
Comments: Dear Billy,

Your album "Would You Believe" is one of my favorite albums of all time. Unfortunately, its original release was much before my time - just wanted to let you know what an impact your music is still having on the artists of today. You definitely have influenced me!

Thank you!



Thursday 01/24/2008 8:29:47pm
Name: Con Moerenhout
City/Country: Rotterdam/Tyhe netherlands
Comments: Dear Billy

It's good to see you website again. It's been a long time I visit. It chance a lot. I don't know if you remember it, but I still do when I visit Meher Baba Oceanic in early 1980 and that we have a little talk.
Best wish


Saturday 09/15/2007 1:18:09am
Name: Ron Kane
City/Country: Los Angeles, CA, USA
Comments: Hi there, I just love the "Would You Believe" CD I bought in Japan; who were the musicians on "Girl from New York"? Best regards, Ron Kane "The Ron Kane Files"
Sunday 08/12/2007 11:41:42pm
Name: Alex Tickle
City/Country: Gulf Breeze, Florida, US
Comments: i just got your album "Would You Believe" today, and i just wanted to say that it is amazing!


Friday 05/18/2007 3:42:24am
Name: Michael Bezushko
City/Country: Clarksville, USA
Comments: Hey, I just wanted to say that your music really makes me happy. Thanks!


Wednesday 05/16/2007 10:14:57pm
Name: Tom Troccoli
City/Country: USA
Comments: It is a true pleasure to have found your website. As a fan of nearly 40 years (but then what feels like forever, is no time at all) I find that most of the time my biggest exposure to your current being is by trying to spot you in Towser's backing bands. I am so glad to see your work is back in print on CD. I have recently purchased much of the back catalog(ue) from Amazon here in the US, and once they arrive I'll be updating with purchases direct from the web page. All my best to you and your family.


Wednesday 05/16/2007 1:54:35pm
Name: Dave Pinder
City/Country: Devon
Comments: Hi Billy, just had a call from Mike. Sorry I missed him as I was working. We must meet up some time. Enjoyed looking round the site. Best wishes, Dave.
Friday 12/29/2006 2:09:29pm
Name: Annie
City/Country: Dorset
Comments: Billy, We wish you a Happy New Year from your Dorset fans


Wednesday 11/22/2006 2:16:02pm
Name: Bill Nicholls
City/Country: Oxfordshire
Comments: Now that is weird comming across a person with the same name and nearly the same age who is a producer of some renound.


Saturday 11/11/2006 8:38:41am
Name: Mindseye
City/Country: Italy
Comments: Would You Believe is a masterpiece, i'm discovering nicholls talent, i always loved forever's no time at all being a huge townshend fan!
Saturday 09/02/2006 11:25:51pm
Name: Luke Lavin
City/Country: Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA
Comments: Your song "Come Again" is one of the few things in life that always makes me feel good. I can't thank you enough. And for what it's worth, there's not a week that goes by that "Would You Believe" isn't played to a small music shop full of new Billy Nicholls fans. Continued success and happiness.


Wednesday 08/16/2006 3:06:09am
City/Country: canada
Comments: one of the best pop song i ever listen in my life.the title is (WITHOUT YOUR LOVE).thank you mister Billy Nicholls for this beautiful gem.


Tuesday 02/07/2006 5:22:24pm
Name: parker
City/Country: asheville, north carolina
Comments: I have just received and played 'Still Entwined'. It's remarkable. I can't tell
you how much I enjoyed it. Best wishes always, Parker


Friday 01/27/2006 5:00:01pm
Name: Beeb Birtles
City/Country: Nashville, Tennessee
Comments: Hello Billy,
I'm a big fan of your songwriting ever since I picked up the White Horse album at The Tower in L.A. back when Little River Band was just starting out on the Harvest label. I've since bought that album on CD.
I'm also a big Small Faces fan and am waiting for a book to come out on Stevie's life.
Best wishes from

Beeb Birtles.


Wednesday 12/07/2005 11:53:15am
Name: Yasuhito Inoue
City/Country: Japan
Comments: Hi Billy,

I'd like to tell you I love your album "Would You Believe" very much.
Wednesday 12/07/2005 8:39:12am
Name: Larz
City/Country: Sweden
Comments: Thank you Billy for making such great music during the last 40 (!) or so years. 'This Song Is Green' is one of the best songs ever, and I'm glad to finally have it on the 'Anthology' CD. Brilliant, new web site, by the way!


Monday 12/05/2005 6:10:42pm
Name: Joel Heumann
City/Country: Putnam Valley, NY/ USA
Comments: Your Love Songs LP has touched a chord in my heart lo these 30+ years. Alas, finances demand I must sell it; it's on ebay now (Dec 5,2005). I hope to pick up the cd some day soon.


Thursday 12/01/2005 10:12:49am
Name: Tom Sowerby
City/Country: Essex. England
Comments: hello, my names Tom, im 17, just wanted to say i bought your 'Would You Believe' album on amazon (for £30! only just seen this website where its being sold for 13!!) and i thought id say its an incredible album, really good. and im looking forward to getting the anthology too!


Monday 10/24/2005 9:44:47pm
Name: Wyatt Doyle
City/Country: Los Angeles, USA
Comments: I'm really enjoying the anthology, and the 'demo' version of "Always On My Mind" on the FOOTPRINTS IN THE SNOW compilation is phenomenal; any chance a collection of your demos will be released? Thanks for all the great work.
Tuesday 10/11/2005 5:44:46pm
Name: Nancy P.
City/Country: NY,USA
Comments: Glad I found your site! I LOVE your music!!! Just got the "Anthology" CD...So Wonderful! Take Care,and Much love to you!!!


Tuesday 10/11/2005 5:44:29pm
Name: Nancy P.
City/Country: NY,USA
Comments: Glad I found your site! I LOVE your music!!! Just got the "Anthology" CD...So Wonderful! Take Care,and Much love to you!!!


Friday 09/09/2005 11:25:47pm
Name: Jonathan Browne
City/Country: The Richmond Delta, Home of British RnB
Comments: Congrats on becoming a Grandad! Great looking new site too!
all the best


Friday 08/19/2005 9:07:44am
Name: Cpt.Stax
City/Country: Milano - Praha - Boise
Comments: Would like to express my appreciation for the new website, that's what I call a clean, clear, usefull way to show on internet. Love the style. Billy I sent You a private msg re Snapshot, hope You have received it. Thanks and KtF.


A fan in Kent n/a
Sunday 24 July 05 20:14
Love the Anthology album, arrived from Amazon the other day. Really like the new stuff. Keep it up, looking forward to some more new material!

Monday 18 July 05 07:23
hi there... my name is chris, i'm from toronto canada, 25 yrs.
been listening to 'would you believe' for a year now... i've been trying to learn 'come again' on guitar. i almost have it ... i think... could you please tell me the chord progression?
p.s. i understand if you don't reply... can't believe this board exists... love your songs.

Jeff Chapman
Sunday 5 June 05 10:06
I bought Love Songs for 39p in 1975 in Smiths ! It was in a reduced bin (Sorry). Had not heard of you before, but this became one of my fave albums of all time. Thanks for years of pleasure. Have just bought the new double Anthology. Lush!!!

Tony Newland
Thursday 19 May 05 14:39
Hi Billy, I hope you don't mind me contacting you!
I work as a consultant for the independent Record label Cherry Red.I am interested in contacting The Senseless Things regarding there early recordings and thought you may be able to help[i know youre son was in the band]?
If you can get me a contact number/email details it would be much appreciated


Tony newland

Geoff Rice
Wednesday 23 March 05 14:41
Hi, Billy. Just wanted to chime in from Northampton, Massachusetts, USA. I'm a huge fan, and "Would You Believe" has been on permanent rotation in my home and office for years.

Congratulations on your recent, well-deserved honors.



Kiernan Holland
Tuesday 8 March 05 17:53
I was wondering if you wrote "Behind Blue Eyes"
of "The Who", your other work reminds me of that..
Maybe it was uniquely theirs.. The song that
got me thinking that was

Sounds like something Roger Daltrey would sing..

BTW- I use rhapsody, I have a bunch of playlists and rantings
up at .. Not a huge rock fanatic, never attended much concerts.. Just a bit of a musical archeologist..

Ron & Sheila MacWalter
Monday 14 February 05 23:17
We are well impressed by your acheivements. We enjoyed your and Annie's company at the Voile D'Or. Best wishes.

Akiko From Japan
Saturday 1 January 05 16:04
Happy New Year 2005, Billy!
May this year bring another wonderful album(s) by you!
Hope you have a great year.

Best wishes,
Akiko x

Saturday 1 January 05 16:01
To Jim - you can buy Billy's son(Morgan)'s album at HMV or Amazon net shops etc. Just checked and Amazon was cheaper though. Here's the link.

It REALLY is a fantastic album. You wouldn't regret so go get it now!


patricia tap.rekrap@gmail
Thursday 16 December 04 02:25
Any anthology would have to include Hopeless,
Helpless, Stay Awhile, Give It Up, Penumbra Moon, and, of course, Without Your Love. Friends of mine played 'Without' at their wedding. Hmmm, does that mean they owe you royalties or something? Oh well, it was along time ago and I'm not sure they're still married!

Phil Lyttleton
Saturday 11 December 04 17:24
Bought PP Arnolds "First Cut" today,fab version of "Would You Believe" on it.What a talented lady.She did justice to what I think is a great song.Loved the original but interesting to see a new version.Are you likely to be on tour soon.I live in the West Midlands so if there are any dates in the region,would love to get along to see the band.Meantime,thanks for your reply,was great hearing from you.I wish you continued success with a great talent and hope you continue to receive well deserved appreciation.

Phil Lyttleton
Saturday 4 December 04 00:12
I'm not a grerat expert but I suspect that a major talent was overlooked in the wake of the collapse of Immediate Records.That you still carved out a distinguished caqreer is to your immense credit.Congrats on a fine life in music.

Mike Griffiths
Wednesday 1 December 04 23:24
Here's the complete list of my 22 faves / Anthology suggestions:

Would You Believe, Come Again, London Social Degree, Girl From New York, Forever's No Time At All, The Song Is Green, Winter Rose, Stay Awhile, Sometimes, Kew, White Lightning, Without Your Love (from the Baba album), It Doesn't Take Much, Give It Up, Can't Stop Loving You, I Won't Be The One, Dying Star, Penumbra Moon, Love Finds You, That Other Guy Warrior and White City Lights.


Mike Griffiths
Wednesday 1 December 04 23:18
Great news that there will be a career retrospective for Billy. It's tough to whittle it down to just 20 favourites so here's 22:

Would You Believe
Come Again
London Social Degree
Girl From New York
Forever's No Time At All
The Song Is Green
Winter Rose
Stay Awhile
White Lightning
Without Your Love (version from the

Jim St. Patrick
Saturday 16 October 04 19:26
Hi. Can any one tell me how I can get a copy of organized By son of Billy?

Sunday 3 October 04 18:41
Hey Billy.... You dont know me but my sister told me about you remember her Nicky you met her in Lyme Regis not long ago.... and Vilma seems you all now in touch. Though im the youngest of you lot but do vaguely remember your name mentioned all those years ago.
Looking forward to oneday meeting you.
Good luck

Sunday 19 September 04 19:15

Sunday 19 September 04 19:09

Sunday 19 September 04 19:09

Mark Telfer
Monday 6 September 04 13:22
Hello Billy,
Until I discovered your site, I had only ever known "London Social Degree", which I discovered on a Mojo Compilation CD called "Maximum '65". Very best wishes, Mark.

Saturday 4 September 04 17:44
Hello, i'm mayra from Argentina and i heard today a little bit of "would you believe" album and i think it's grat. it's difficult here to find some of 60's albums, that's a shame.

Anne E
Friday 13 August 04 10:39
Glad to be back online again
Congratulations Billy for another successful year

Thursday 24 July 03 00:51
Are morgan going to tour again? I missed the london gig a few years ago but love the album!!

Friday 18 July 03 16:08
cool web page Alo 8.0 i have already saved it onto my file.

miles landesman fancydress @hotmail.comuk
Friday 4 July 03 17:16
i love you'er singing it's so hi look forwourd to hearing the new tracks. u r a tunesmith and songwrighter i'd love to get the cords or tam to your songs i wood love to see u live thanx for the music billy p.s keep up the good work my man you's miles

Claudia L. I-hate-spam@privat.dwd
Sunday 4 May 03 14:18
On your site I have found that for what I was looking for. p

Neil Smithies
Friday 11 April 03 02:27
Fantastic site. I searched the web because I got a copy of Love Songs. Thought it was one of the best albums I've heard in years and wanted to know more.

Tor Bjelland
Friday 4 April 03 08:44
Just got your lp would you belive. Ijust love the breezy guitars and the lovely harmonies. I am sencirly proud to own that album.

Alex Abajian
Friday 28 March 03 00:37

Hello from Chicago.I DJ at a club here and play your stuff regularly. It's a great feeling when the 'kids' come up to me and ask, 'Who the F*@k was that?' 'Girl from New York' gets them every time...
Thanks so much for being a part of this planet.
Take care

Jimmy Mills
Friday 14 March 03 19:36
Just picked up "Penumbra Moon", and some of the songs are really sticking with me. I've been a fan of "Would You believe?" as well for a couple of years. I'll be ready for another one in a month or two!

Best regards,
Jimmy Mills
los Angeles

Paul Davies
Tuesday 4 March 03 21:40
Great site! I found it while looking for Laura Nyro and Scott Walker sites. I've been looking for info about "Would You Believe" for over 30 years. I heard it once when it was released and thought it was superb.

Jeff Clark
Wednesday 26 February 03 14:12
Remmember you from days at Christopher Wren. Can't remmember who showed who chords to a couple of Bob Dylan numbers.
Still can't play the guitar very well!!!!!!
You probably non't even remmember me.
Never mind

Saturday 15 February 03 10:18
Congratulations on your continuing success with 'CSLY'
Happy Birthday!

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Wednesday 29 January 03 22:27
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joe beard
Saturday 4 January 03 20:40
Hi Found your site whilst using "contains the term "...................that`s me / us The Purple Gang........was expecting some more info on PG...enjoyed your site ................cheers, all the best for 2003 ...PURPLE GANG

Wednesday 18 December 02 05:33
It was a nice surprise to get information on Billy Nichols. I wasn't aware of his vast career and it is a privilege to receive information on this artist. Thanks.

Nicholls Family
Sunday 1 December 02 15:46
We found the page very interesting especially because our families surname is Nicholls

keith hodge
Saturday 30 November 02 00:32
hey billie,i bet you don,t remember me drumming on bits and pieces of your early stuff.nice to visit your site,glad your still kicking

Tuesday 26 November 02 14:05
my husband and i recently heard phil collins sing can't stop loving you in a small venue in nyc--amazing song--and phil sings it so wonderfully. great choice of a song for phil's voice.

Thursday 7 November 02 00:01
Congratulations Billy
Phil Collins is No.1 this week in the USA Record and Radio Adult Contempory Chart this week, with your classic track 'Can't Stop Loving You'.

Jeff Cascaro
Wednesday 30 October 02 14:34
Dear Billy
This is Jeff Cascaro,one of the Sasha Backing Singers,from Germany(we had a lot of fun (listening to Nat King Cole and Sinatra), we worked together for the Backbeat Tour 2002.I would like to contact you,but i have no E-Mail Adress.Would you please give me informations?Best reguards
Jeff Cascaro

Friday 25 October 02 15:59
Hello Billy -

It's such a wonderful news that Phil Collins will cover your song on his new LP and it will be released as the 1st single!

Looking forward to his version of CSLY + you&Morgan's new material!

Lots of Love,
akiko xxx

Tuesday 15 October 02 21:19
Hello, it's a great experience to visit your site, thank you! Greetings from Germany

Wednesday 9 October 02 00:02
Can't Stop Loving You is a beautiful song. Phil did a wonderful job singing it.

Saturday 5 October 02 01:24
Beautiful and inspiring...whom could sign CAN'T STOP LOVING YOU better than Phil ?

Saturday 5 October 02 01:23
Beautiful and inspiring...whom could sign it better than Phil ?

Aaron Short
Thursday 19 September 02 13:46
Nice site, do you have any info on venues in London?

Con Moerenhout
Friday 19 July 02 12:30
I was looking for a few weeks to your adres. I even wrote Eel Pie and a few people at the Meher Baba sites. But I'm glad to find you again.

Jai Baba
Con Moerenhout

Friday 12 July 02 10:04
Just bought the MOJO box set Acid Drops and love The Girl From New York. Amazing how much great stuff you can miss out on.....

I'll be buying whatever I can lay my hands on!


Wednesday 26 June 02 17:29
Continue the good work...

Friday 14 June 02 21:35
Avis just told me about Ken. Please call or email me and tell me more.

Laurel (Rudd) Altman
Tuesday 14 May 02 18:47
Hey Billy -- first - thanks so much for sending "Penumbra Moon." It's taken up permanent residence in Kenny's car! Next, Sebastian emailed me a photo of you and Kenny from the site (I haven't seen it here yet but will go there instantly)...YIKES WHAT A BABE (especially the pencils in his pocket). Next, White Horse still makes me go wild with nostalgia. Finally, ran across a photo of you sitting on the john and "talking" on the phone - you had written a funny conversation between you and me about getting Cavallo on the phone. Very classy British stuff. Love you - xxoo Laurel

Jim Durrell
Tuesday 7 May 02 20:04
There's a nice article on Billy at

avis letner
Wednesday 27 March 02 04:31
Ena wrote me, but I was at the thailand airport when I pulled it up and I mistakenly deleted it and never read it. Please let her know this and Have her write again. hi Billy, Avis

Grant Davis
Thursday 28 February 02 21:22
At an industrial waste tip in 74 (I was a young lad), I found a cassette - no label - of Love Songs. I loved it but never realised until I was able to research on the net, who wrote/sung it, much less the album title etc. I unfortunately left the tape in a HI FI I sold in 82 and have been gutted ever since. Now I know where to get it again.
Great album Billy. Still stuck in my head after all these years.


p.s. The tape on the tip - it was standard practice in those days to throw rather than recycle duff manufacturing. I am sure it was a reflection on the music!

Wednesday 30 January 02 18:42
Billy,what would you like first:the good news or the bad news? The good news:with the possible exception of "Call Again" ALL of your Immediate/Olympic multitracks still exist.Now the bad news:the label which holds them(Charly) is unlikely to give you acess to them,and(because of an ongoing legal dispute with Immediate's founders),they(Charly) are unlikely to ever do anything with the tapes.They also found 3 original 1960's mono mixes on quarter inch tape(I've got DAT's of those 3),including an alternate "I Want to Be Friendly With You"(different arrangement than the one that you issued on "Snapshot"),and a version of "Would You Believe" with a different lead vocal(flat & somewhat clipped phrasing,as if it were a guide vocal),and a mono mix of "It Brings Me Down".I can dub them for you on CD-R,if you'd like them.In a more direct E-mail communication,I can give you a list of the multitracks' contents.(Charly has 98 reels of 4-track,8-track & 16-track tapes relating to Immediate artists.The Charly & Repertoire labels bought via collaborative bid at auction in 1989,but Charly didn't take posession of them until January 2000)I'm an American independent CD compiler/liner notes writer based in Florida,and I was the compiler of Charly's "Small Faces","The Yardbirds","The Nice" & "Humble Pie" box sets.

Saturday 26 January 02 07:41
New Pete Townshend site on Yahoo:
URL is

Tuesday 15 January 02 04:13
fuckin'goooooood !!! vive Billy et Steve

Sunday 6 January 02 05:57
Cass, found your email address @last ;o)
anyone who sees him, get him to check it - cheers
bill orme - ancient psychotix fan...

A Faithful Fan
Friday 4 January 02 11:17
Happy and Peaceful New Year to everyone

Patrick Recob
Thursday 29 November 01 01:03

Hey Billy,

I've been aware of your prescence for many years!
I've always appreciated what you've done musically. I've seen you live a number of times. And am glad you've continued with the music. Thanks for bringing alot of joy to my ears through the music and your different associations and different incarnations of THE WHO.

Om Peace.
Patrick Recob

Thursday 1 November 01 16:42
Hi, hoping you can help me.
I've been trying to find out what Morgan's been up to since Organized. Sorry to piggy back thorugh your website, but I've found it hard to find info anywhere else.


Mike Griffiths
Friday 26 October 01 02:11
Just a quick note to let everyone know that there
is an brand new email interview with Billy now
posted on the Yahoo! Groups site at:
Thanks very much Billy for taking the time to reply
with alot of great background on your music and career.
Also, a special thanks to Anne E.

Mike Griffiths

Cass Browne
Friday 26 October 01 00:12
I'm sitting here with your reprobate son and Mr.des murphy. Just saying hello etc. A friend of mine from America just paid £50 for a re-issue of your " Would you Believe Album" by the way.
Morgan sez:Where's those lyrics that you said you promised.
Dez sez: Any more of that marinated Chicken? I owe you dinner. you don't know where I live, sucka!(mis) Dr.monkfish

James Farlee
Thursday 18 October 01 14:15
Dear Billy,

So wonderful to hear from your site. I have been waiting for "Under One Banner" to be released on CD for some time now. Carolyn Mas did a superb job with that song and put as much passion into it as she could muster. I look very forward to hearing the singer/songwriter's version. I have written you before and Whitehorse with a couple of guys from the Fifth Avenue Band still stands up as one of the most melodic records of all time. "Love Songs" is also has its regular slot on the Farlee playlist. I have heard that you released a new record in 2001. That's great!! I look forward to the experience. A couple of your songs remain engrained in the thoughts of my young daughters Frances and Catherine as they exist forever so peacefully on my lullabye cassette. Keep up with what you're doing so that you can continue to provide us with those wonderful love songs.


James R. Farlee, Oak Park, IL.

Greg Ogarrio
Wednesday 4 July 01 08:05
"Biff bang pow" is the only to describe the fabulousness of "London Social Degree" and "Portobello Road" as soundtracks for any London revisit. There, I said it.

Greg Ogarrio
San Francisco

Patrick Potts
Tuesday 5 June 01 16:17
I knew your songwriting from Del Shannon's work w/ALO but I had to hear "Britians Brian Wilson"...
INCREDIBLE! It still holds up (Like Pet Sounds!)..
I can't wait to hear PENUMBRA MOON!!!
New Stuff from my new Fave artist!!

Rock On Billy!!

Wednesday 23 May 01 17:50
Dear Billy,

As I've learned from this site and got interested, I went
to see 'The Chieftains' tonight. - a wonderful nightout!
To be honest, I was never into Celt or these traditional
music but I think they changed me tonight! I was so deeply
impressed by the music and the whole atmosphere;
so beautiful, warm, yet sometimes sharp and sentiment, YET
other times casual and even so energetic. I really loved
Mr Moloney's softspoken-Engish too! He made me feel at home,
although it was my very 1st time to listen to or see the
Celt/Irish music properly.
Thank you so much for introducing them to me and I hope the
songs which you've worked with Paddy will make the part of
your new album!

akiko x
P.S. I loved Derek's piano too. Wonderful work...!

Mike Griffiths
Tuesday 22 May 01 04:57
I've been listening to PENUMBRA MOON for two days now and I'm REALLY loving it. Billy singing is great, of course, but so
is his guitar and piano work. Mike Nicholls' contibutions are outstanding. His guitar solo on "Love Finds You" is just perfect for the song and his drumming on "Warrior" is simply rockin'. Then there's the Hammond organ playing of Morgan Nicholls which is very, ah...groovy! To top it off Amy Nicholls supplies some lovely backing vocals. What a truly talented family this is.

And what about the SONGS? There are some great ones here. Early favourites include the title track and "Brown And Beige", but the album is still 'growing' on me. Music of this quality should not be kept a secret, it should be heard by the masses. I can't wait for future projects to arrive.

Thank you Billy Nicholls.


Mike Griffiths, Moderator

Robert Silverstein
Monday 14 May 01 05:18
Hi fans of great pop.
Penumbra Moon is one of the first great pop discs of the new Millennium.
From a long time fan who first heard Billy on the great With Love album, thanks again Billy!
Robert Silverstein

Andrew Burgess
Friday 11 May 01 22:14
What an amazing voice! I love Would You Believe and will seek out your other albums- I can't wait to hear them. Best of luck to you-

Andrew Burgess

Tuesday 8 May 01 03:40
Love your stuff. keep bringing us more of the Who---

Sunday 6 May 01 09:01
Dear Billy,

I've ordered 'Snapshot' and got it a few weeks ago,
what a lovely album it is. I love the whole but
especially where you teach the bird to sing...! :)
I'm going to order 'P.M.' soon...
Also thank you so much for sending the newsletter
the other week. Hope Morgan will release the new
materials as soon as possible!

Love from Japan,
akiko x

Werner Wingen
Friday 4 May 01 03:22
Received the CD's in the mail. Wow, your music really is fantastic, I very much enjoyed all CD's. I like White Horse and Love Songs just as much as I liked Would you believe. Quite frankly, I suspect most people (even me - back in '68 or so when I bought your 45 in Germany) might buy your stuff because of your Small Faces connection. However, now I'm converted to the opinion that one DOESN'T need the Small Faces or PT connection but your music really is wonderful without the need for any "special guests". Dear fans reading this: don't just buy WYB but also buy White Horse!!! - you won't regret it - I guarantee it!!!!

george burnett
Friday 4 May 01 00:16
congrats on the website. i am a big fan and really enjoy your work.

ls roode
Thursday 3 May 01 14:03
what a nice surprise!!! congrats on the website.....

Thursday 3 May 01 04:08
Happy to find this site! Like it a lot. Thrilled to be able to replace my old White Horse lp!!

Mark Greenwood
Monday 30 April 01 08:34
Had to check out the site CD is great..and wonderful that 'alone again' was included. We miss you guys!
Mark (&Frane and clan)

Patrick Beckers
Sunday 29 April 01 20:03
Well, it's time to add a little message to this guestbook as well. I am from the Netherlands and have been a Billy Nicholls fan for quite some years now and his Led Along and Friendly With You are among my favorite songs of all times! His Would You Believe and Love Songs albums are among my favorite albums of all times, so what more praise does the man need?
I just found out about the new album and if David Bash raves about it, then it has to be good. Guess I am going to order it soon. Thanks for the music, Billy!

David Bash
Tuesday 24 April 01 00:30
I'm listening to Penumbra Moon as I write this. It's really good stuff, Billy, and songs like "Warrior" and "Velvet Rut" have a nice edge. I will definitely be writing a nice review of this!

By the way, I am the organizer of the International Pop Overthrow festival, which is held every summer in Los Angeles. Peforming at this year's festival will be a former Immediate Records label mate of yours, Tony Rivers! Check it out at

Be well,


Tetsuya Moriuchi
Saturday 21 April 01 07:48
I just recieve Billy's new CD "Penumbra Moon"
and, listening now.

Goooooood and Greattttt!
Thank you, good music!

from Billy's fan in JAPAN

Tony Butler
Friday 20 April 01 12:39
Got the CD today Billy, thank you very much. A rare trip down memory lane. Always had a soft spot for your talent. I love the track 'Reverie'. Love to all. TB

Ash Alexander
Monday 16 April 01 10:58
You never write or call anymore! But I know deep down you care. Good luck with "Umbrella Moon". Hope to see you around!

Sunday 15 April 01 09:58
While looking through my records I found a copy of your album,would you believe on vinyl,I think I bought it years ago at a jumble sale and liked the cover(no reflection on the content),I had a couple of listens and have come to the conclusion that Billy Nicholls is on eof those artists that never got the attention or credit they deserved.

Terry & Trott
Thursday 12 April 01 18:57
Fab album - nice cover!!

Brian Jones
Thursday 12 April 01 12:39
Hi Billy,
Someone leant me this album recently and I was blown away. "Life is short" is excellent it reminds me of the stuff Tintern Abbey were doing at the time. We're at Liverpool University doing a sixties music course and I reviewed your album and everyone loved it! Immediate messed up big time. "Wouldn't You Believe" is a must-have.


Avis Letner
Wednesday 21 March 01 19:39
Hello Billy, Shirley passed along your web address. Nice to know where thou art and where your art is thou... after all these years (33!) glad your still making great music. Hope all is well. Would love to chat on line sometime. Fondly Avis

Mark Sebastian
Saturday 17 March 01 05:57
My house is reverberating with the WHITE HORSE album as I write this. What an inspiration you continue to be...Thanks for motivating me on many fronts. It was fun hanging at the Hyatt house when this album was being cut. Is it too late to join the cadre????

Wednesday 28 February 01 11:45
oh, billy...
i`ve been listening 2 "would u believe" and it`s so dammned good.
inspirational. a perfect pop psychadelic sunny gem. i like it.
please tell me there`s another just like it?
DHK salutes u...

Friday 9 February 01 14:57
Just wanted to let you know that I LOVE you&Morgan's music so much Billy! :)
When are you or Morgan next playing? I'm dying to seeeeeee!
What a masterpiece "Would You Believe" is. I went to see Pete's "Lifehouse" too... I'm so grateful to your music and, yourself for being.

love from Japan, akiko x

mike sievwright
Thursday 8 February 01 20:57
I remember Billy from 1978 ish - I was running the Magoc Bus Bookshop in Richmond and Ena Nicholls worked there with us. A lot of people I haven't kept in touch with from those days. Like the web site - nice and open! - Good luck Billy - pass my regards to Ena

Mike Griffiths
Sunday 28 January 01 23:44
Actually the exact URL address is:

Mike Griffiths
Sunday 28 January 01 23:41
The Billy Nicholls newsgroup can know be found at this address: Everythings the same except eGroups has merged with Yahoo!



Mike Griffiths
Friday 26 January 01 09:15
There is a Billy Nicholls newsgroup that has recently started up. It's free to join. So far, there's just a few members but we are a dedicated bunch. You'll find us at:

Scroll down past the introductory text and you'll see where to put your email address. Then just click JOIN THIS EGROUP.
Hope to see ya.


Mike Griffiths (moderator)

bob Ross
Saturday 18 November 00 20:35
How's Caleb?
Been playing Love Songs for years on the radio, as well as hookfoot & am really hung up on Caleb's style. Hope you & he are well.

Jack McTamney
Saturday 4 November 00 15:17
Finally after searching for a couple of decades for the "White Horse" album, there's somewhere I can get this talented man's music... now if I can just figure out the exchange rate from U.S. dollars to English pounds...

james koszewski
Saturday 4 November 00 01:06
I bought a vinyl of "Love Songs" in 1974 and is still my favorite album today.

Baz Moore
Sunday 29 October 00 18:46
Well it just goe`s to show you never Know it all.I thought I new alot of the best singer/songwriters,now I know one more. Its good to think there is still great music that turns up.But it`s a shame, at one time Mr Nicholls was sold short.Not anymore.

Friday 20 October 00 18:52
It's a pity that so much british artists like Billy Nicholls are now quasi-forgotten. "Would You Believe" is a wonderful album, expecially "London Social Degree"...when I listen records like these, it's like a tour into a Yellow Submarine...

cheers from Italy

Thursday 19 October 00 06:14
oops! I forgot to tag on my email.

Brian Young
Thursday 19 October 00 06:13
I still can't believe after all these years how well your "Would You Believe" album holds up. A true work of art that stays true to it's era. "Snapshots" is a wonderful album! I recommend it to all. It's a phenomenal record!

Sarah Nicholls
Saturday 14 October 00 19:48
Where were you at the funeral? and Ive still got that piece of wedding cake..

Sarah Nicholls
Saturday 14 October 00 19:47
Where were you at the funeral? and ive still got that piece of wedding cake..

Sarah Nicholls
Saturday 14 October 00 19:46
Where were you at the funeral? and ive still got that piece of wedding cake.. where are you billy???...

Wednesday 4 October 00 16:09

Nick Barnett
Wednesday 27 September 00 10:51
I was at Dingwalls on 26th September to catch Morgan, Billy was providing a bit of backing vox and the whole evening was a stunning occasion. Billy, I don't know if you'll read this, but if you do could you give your son a pat on the back from me?

Brian Fleming
Monday 11 September 00 11:34
I heard the track "London Social Degree" on a free CD with Mojo and immediately tracked down the cd "would you believe". I am amazed! It is so good!! I was born 1969 so I am backtracking here. This music is timeless though. So dreamy and rich in production. It failed commercially upon it's release but I have a feeling your time is now!

Patrick Llewellyn
Monday 4 September 00 01:15

I've seen you play with the Who and Pete Townshend a few times, and your "Would You Believe" album has always eluded me-- I've never managed to find one, but I'll need to step up the process and pay a fortune to have one shipped over here to the US. I've got the two tracks from the Immediate Box set, and they're great, but I'm absolutely in love with London Social Degree which was on a recent Mojo Magazine's such a glorious song! Great stuff, Billy. I'll be getting "Would You Believe" soon, and I wish you all the happiness in the world.

Patrick Llewellyn

deke rivers
Sunday 3 September 00 01:14
I publish a book called 'The Astley/Townshend Dynasty' which contains some info about Billy Nicholls.
Price £4.00 - email me for details

Robert Silverstein
Monday 14 August 00 04:18
Anyone who still loves great pop songwriting in the spirit of John Kongos, Danny Kirwan, PF Sloan and Hank Marvin will tell you Billy Nicholls is right up there with the best of them!
Robert Silverstein,

Your Biggest Fan
Monday 17 July 00 11:37
I heard it on the grapevine
that your new C.D of Snapshot
is available on line
I'll try Southwest Records
16 Park Road

julien morris
Monday 22 May 00 19:26
Finally have "Would You Believe" L.P. and am completely gobsmacked by it's brilliance. Nineteen years old, pretty face, first album-why did it not happen in a very big way? Somebody somewhere owes the world a very big apology. People always go on about lost treasures, little overlooked gems, etc.; put them all away, they don't even matter. "Would You Believe is the real thing.

julien morris
Monday 22 May 00 19:20
Finally have "Would You Beleive" L.P. and am completely gobsmacked by it's brilliance. Nineteen years old, pretty face, first album-why did it not happen in a very big way? Somebody somewhere owes the world a very big apology. People always go on about lost treasures, little overlooked gems, etc.; put them all away, they don't even matter. "Would You Beleive is the real thing.

Bill Nowacki
Thursday 13 April 00 19:17
I saw you on the Psyco Derelect video tape and I wondered were I saw "Billy Nicholls" before and here you are. I enjoy your talent and your success.

Best Wishes,

Philadelphia, PA USA

Sunday 19 March 00 00:20
Thanks for all the wonderful music over the last 30+ years. . .


CHUCHO chucho@bassgroove
Sunday 5 March 00 23:55
billy you are a great friend with a big heart and f.....fantastc voice---love chucho

Sunday 27 February 00 17:30
So you never replied?
I guess you're just not my kind of guy?
Your loss
Lots of love

Dave Richardson
Sunday 27 February 00 16:47
Just wanted to say that 'Would You Believe' is a fantastic LP, especially "London Social Degree" & "Girl from New York". The volume always seems to increase on those tracks in particular. Thanks for finally making it available to all of us.

Looking forward to hearing more.

Steve Weiler
Sunday 27 February 00 03:57
Hello Billy, just a quick note to inform you that you truly are
a talented singer and songwriter and not forgetting your old associate and colleague Caleb Quaye. I received a copy of "Love Songs" just a little over a month ago and I must let you know that it's absolutely spectacular. Songs that are over a quarter of a century old and they sound just as invigorating and enticing as if they were written and performed just yesterday. I also compliment you for distributing the copies through your own
label (Southwest Records) and not through some "Big-Wig" CD company. In that alone it has made seeking out your offerings a labor of love for myself and I'm sure for many of your fans. Stay true to your music and to your fans Billy, and I thank you for giving me music that I will treasure in the many days that lie ahead.

Bob Dylan
Tuesday 22 February 00 21:59
Hi Billy,
i just wanted to let you know that i love your albums as much now as when i first heard them.Next time your out here in the U.S lets do a couple of tunes.
E-Mail me

Wednesday 16 February 00 11:28
You never write................

You never call.................

C x

Mike Griffiths
Thursday 3 February 00 05:08
Love the Snapshot album. Love the foldout cover too. I can't wait the the CD version. When is the Whitehorse album going to be released I wonder? Maybe there will be a second volume of "snaps"... How about unreleased material from the 70's, 80's and 90's? And how about an album of brand new songs? 4 albums in 4 decades is just not enough for me. Anybody into Andy Bown solo material? I have a tape of his unreleased second album for GM records...

George Wallace
Thursday 20 January 00 18:16
Hi Billy,
I've been listening to Would You Believe for the past few months. It is truly timeless and beautiful music. How was it that it was not given wider exposure upon its initial release? It's so damn good, it's shocking that only 100 copies were pressed! I gave a copy to my friend's mother who is an artist and likes to be given music to paint to. I'll let you know what she thinks. I just bought an LP copy of Snapshots and can't wait to hear the rest of your work. Take care....
-- George

Mark Gaines
Tuesday 18 January 00 04:31
Finally tracked down a copy of your "Love Songs" album, here in Austin Texas of all places! (And a signed copy to boot!) Fantastic piece of work that really needs to be reavaluated by the music community at large. You are in a catigory of musical inovators who will never be forgotten! Now if I can only find a copy of the White Horse CD!
Regards from Austin Texas

Mark Gaines
Tuesday 18 January 00 04:30
Finally tracked down a copy of your "Love Songs" album, here in Austin Texas of all places! (And a signed copy to boot!) Fantastic piece of work that really needs to be reavaluated by the music community at large. You are in a catigory of musical inovators who will never be forgotten! Now if I can only find a copy of the White Horse CD!
Regards from Austin Texas

Friday 10 December 99 01:10
Ok, Im a US resident who would like to purchase every single Billy Nicholls album on vinyl and cd. Well, i already have Would You Beleive? and I want to get the rest. you guys say Love Songs is really good. How does it compare to Would You Beleive? please email if you can help me get these albums. i have plenty of trade bait. Well, I want to buy them but the ordering information is confusing.

Jon 'Mojo' Mills
Wednesday 8 December 99 19:23
Great indeed. I happen to be writing this as "Night Time Girl" plays. Wonderful! Thanks a lot Billy for "Snapshots", those naked versions that gained you the contract have real body and the unreleased tunes equal anything on the big production "Would You Believe" LP. Thanks for letting those old demos out of the bag.

Jon 'Mojo' Mills
Shindig Magazine

Helga Benson helga_benson@bristol-city.
Tuesday 7 December 99 18:50
Long time - no see! Listened to your discs for the 1st time, took me back a few years......

Dudley has lost your phone number and we want to get in touch regarding New Year's Eve. Are you doing anything significant or wildly exciting? Or, are you, like us, having a civilised quiet time with a few friends, much food, vast/huge quantities of bevvy, fireworks etc, etc, etc, with a champagne breakfast to greet the hairy dog.

We planned this party in 1987, (I was very much slimmer then) and each threw £50 into an investment account which eventually raised £1200. This money is being spent on 15-18 people. Obviously some have divorced, moved away etc. As we are of the original group we can invite two people to come and we would both like to invite 'yourselves'. Dudley says you are a family man and will probably plan to do something with them BUT there is an invitation to you to get away, after Christmas, for something different and perhaps, inspiration for new work?

Most of the people will be artists/those involved with the Art world/come from Liverpool, so it will not be formal except for strict dress code. I am looking forward to behaving disgracefully but there will be a journalist from the Independent (which worries me slightly) but he has been gagged, if that is possible with a journalist.

Anyway, we both would really love to see you and it will be a brilliant thrash/gig. Can you come? Will you come? Please come?

love and daisies, and bring your banjo!

Helga and Dudley

Sunday 21 November 99 13:22

James R. Farlee
Tuesday 2 November 99 04:33

Wonderful music. "Love Songs" is a treat to listen to and I recently picked up "White Horse" on Japanese import CD. I recommend it to anybody. Truly one of the finest records ever recorded and worth the hiked up price. Even the songs from the guys from the Fifth Avenue Band are good. I hope to see the rest of your catalogue released in the near future. I would love to hear your version of "Under One Banner." Carolyn Mas does a nice job with that song on one of her obscure albums. Many in Illinois respect the work that you have done. Take Care.

Sincerely,a fan,

James R. Farlee
Oak Park, IL.

P.S. Get your website fixed so that all can enjoy your work, please.

Dudley Saward
Friday 29 October 99 18:17
Nice to know the old geezer is still capable of knockin' out a few tasty tunes -

Tuesday 19 October 99 20:53
hello there

i bought the signed copy of the would you believe cd from "On the Beat" in hanway st. Andy Neil recomended it, I wasn't sure what I was buying but can say that I was more than pleasantly suprised. have since bought the re-issue Vinyl version.

Brilliant album


Brian Young
Thursday 23 September 99 08:25

Your album "Would You Believe" is quite the masterpiece! Lovely album of which I never tire from hearing. I am fortunate to own one of the original albums from Immediate and surprised that only 100 were pressed? Amazing!

I am so thrilled to see your album get true recognition via Sequel Records' re-issue on CD. Excellent package complete with sleeve notes and photos. The sound quality is superb and remastered from original tapes. I HIGHLY recommend this album to anyone reading this! True work of art.

In closing, I would like to mention that I "dicovered" you through you writings for Del Shannon. Did you ever record "Led Along" or "Friendly With You" yourself? Even if in demo format? If so...any chance of them seeing light-of-day?

Jo Feldman
Wednesday 1 September 99 12:14

When is Love Songs going to be back in stock then eh? I want one!

Lots of Love, JOx

francesco serena
Monday 16 August 99 13:18
BILLY has a small face and when he's singing if you wouldn't believe he's really..IMMEDIATE.

Ad Vos
Tuesday 13 July 99 19:32
I'm a Who-fan fore 35 years now and for me you are also a member of The Who.
Can you tell me if there comes a live album or video from the live concerts of the Quadrophenia tour 1997??
Greetings from Almere (The Netherlands)

Ad Vos

L'l old Amy Fay
Thursday 17 June 99 16:23
Lovely Pickys Baggie Knickys
Question for you?
What did you and Ruby do?
I love your tone of voice
from a large fan.

Wednesday 9 June 99 09:42
Seems a bit odd saying HI!
Think just testing.
Can't wait to send some pictorial images via this medium.
With lots of Love XXX

Tim Prior
Saturday 5 June 99 11:17
I think you are very old now that I know how old your records are !!!
Would you believe it?

Jon & Judi
Tuesday 1 June 99 00:00
Good to see some recognition at last - thanks for the tune !
Jon & Judi