Limited edition vinyl out now and new album

Originally published on Friday 22nd June 2007

Hi Everyone,

Sister Ray Records, a London based specialist in alternative vinyl, CDs and music rarities, have released a Double Vinyl Album of 'Would You Believe Billy Nicholls Expanded Limited Version' (1000 numbered copies).

It's reproduced from the same master as the 'Would You Believe Delux CD' version released by Sanctuary last year.

If you would like to buy a copy from them, click here.

The new acoustic album is now recorded, mastered and called 'ROSSLYN ROAD' a joint project with my brother Michael.

Differing slightly from my usual work, this album has a folk feel with several new arrangements of traditional songs. One track was specially composed for a set of Lyrics by WB Yeats and another track features The Chieftains, including the late Derek Bell on Harp.

Look out for the Rosslyn Road release date in the next couple of months.

Rumour has it that Keith Urban's successful world tour includes a great performance of 'Can't Stop Loving You' at every show. I'd love to hear it next time Keith is in the UK!

Family news... Morgan played the new Wembley Stadium with Muse over the weekend of 16/17th June and Amy's band Ladybear is playing the Troubadour, Brompton Road, London on 23rd June - they're on the same bill as her old friend Jesse Wood's band 'Hogg'.

That's all for now, have a great summer!

Best Wishes