Happy New Year message from me to you!

Originally published on Monday 15th January 2007

Hi Everyone,

Last year was a surprisingly productive year.

In May 2006 Sanctuary Records released 'Would You Believe DeLux' including a second CD (aka 'Snapshot') containing a collection of songs written and recorded around the same time as 'Would You Believe'. 'Snapshot' in LP & CD format was originally released by Southwest Records in 1999.

Del Shannon 'Home and Away' CD released by EMI in 2006 features three Nicholls tracks 'Cut and Come Again', 'Led Along' and 'Friendly With You'.

Dana Gillespie's album 'Foolish Seasons' was re-released on CD by the Rev-Ola label (and available on Amazon) and features two Nicholls tracks 'Life Is Short' and'London Social Degree' - I remember singing some of the backing vocals!

Keith Urban has recorded 'Can't Stop Loving You' on his latest album 'Love,Pain and the Whole Crazy Thing'. A great production done in the original style, thanks Keith.

I worked with The Who last Summer on the new album 'Endless Wire' as Vocal Producer; and helped out with the rehearsals for their World Tour.

Finally, family news... Morgan's touring with top UK band Muse and look out for Amy's band Ladybear - gigs in the west London area are planned.

Meanwhile the new Acoustic album is taking shape at A Major Studios in Shepherds Bush with Phil Chapman's help. Release date - definitely 2007.

Best wishes for a Happy New Year.

Lots of love,