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Originally published on Thursday 6th September 2001

Sorry for the long wait between updates, Summer in Britain has been unusually good!!

Some of you have been asking how I got started as a songwriter. Well, it began back in the sixties with the Immediate Music Company set up by Andrew Oldham. As their resident songwriter; 'Would You Believe', my first album, was initially released in 1968 as a 'promo' run. Although highly acclaimed, this album was never officially released, due to the unexpected closure of the company. In time 'WYB' on vinyl became a valuable rarity and, with the advent of the internet, I decided to set up my own online record company. This was the beginning of Southwest Records.

With a mint copy of 'WYB' in my possession, re-mastered to CD, I added an extra track, revised the artwork and extended the liner notes. A signed limited edition of 500 copies were pressed up and released via the internet, as well as 500 signed copies of 'Love Songs', my second album, originally released in the 70's. Following requests for more of the same, Southwest released 'Snapshot' on vinyl and CD; a collection of 'demo' recordings from the same era as 'WYB'.

Since then Southwest has acquired a licence to release 'White Horse', recorded in L.A. in 1977 and will soon re-release 'Under One Banner' recorded in 1990 at Phil Manzanera's Gallery Studio in Chertsey.

Here is some info on the making of 'Penumbra Moon:

'Penumbra Moon' started life on 8th September 1978. 'Give Me Love', 'Old Jealousy', 'Penumbra Moon', 'Love Finds You', 'Warrior' and 'White City Lights' were all recorded at Eel Pie Studios in Twickenham. 'Alone Again' was also recorded there, but much later.

'Brown and Beige', 'That Other Guy' and 'Velvet Rut' were recorded at Eel Pie Studios in Broadwick Street, London, where the engineer was Mike Pela. 'Reverie', the most recent track was recorded in 1996 at home in Twickenham on ADAT and transferred to ProTools by my son, Morgan, at Phil Chapman's A Major Studio in Shepherds Bush. It was Morgan's suggestion that I released these tracks on an album before embarking on new material. He transferred all the original master tapes onto his computer, took the best bits and played Hammond where he felt it was necessary. He and Phil decided on what tracks needed extra vocals, instruments and effects.

There are still another 60 or so tracks recorded in the 70's, 80's and 90's that didn't make this album!

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P.S. Many thanks to David Willems who got in touch and made me aware that the final track on a recent CD release 'Twice As Much, The Immediate Anthology': 'She's Always On My Mind', was credited as written by Rose & Skinner. It is in fact my original demo of 'Always On My Mind'. A more advanced version can be found on 'Snapshot' Thank you Sanctuary Records!!

In case you're wondering, the film 'The Martins' featuring mine and Morgan's tune 'Flying High' is now on release. Well that's all for now - 'Under One Banner' is just about to go into production, will keep you posted.