'Under One Banner' - a new release!

Originally published on Monday 15th October 2001

Under One Banner, Billy's 1990 album has been digitally remastered and repackaged for Southwest Records. Here's a little taster of the lyrics of the title track of the album. You can purchase it in the online shop here.

Under One Banner

Now is the time to lay down your cloaks and your daggers,
Don't you see that we're under one banner.
Now is the time to play out the part that was written, Who will care if it's hero or villain.

The stage is empty, the lights are dimmed,
And the silence is deafening,
Don't forsake me,
Cos there ain't a wall dividing us,
There ain't a sea that's wide enough.

I believe that we're under the same banner,
I believe it's later than we think it is,
The time has come and change is in the wind.

And if you're given the easy lines,
And I was struggling to get it right,
Don¹t forsake me,
Cos it might have gone the other way,
And you may have found it hard to say ....

I believe that we're under the same banner
I believe the stage is set, the lights have dimmed
You're standing right in front of him.

I believe that we're under the same banner ......

Lyrics by Billy Nicholls
© Twickenham Tunes Limited

With best wishes to you all,

Anne E