Would You Believe (1968)


Would You Believe (1968)


Billy's first album, produced by Andrew Oldham and featuring The Small Faces.

This highly sought-after album only achieved an initial promotional run of 100 copies before Immediate Records ran into difficulty.

Over the years this album has come to achieve worldwide cult status amongst the 60s Beatles/Beach Boys aficionados.

Remastered by Billy in 1998 and now on sale on CD here. 

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1. Would You Believe    
2. Come Again    
3. Life Is Short    
4. Feeling Easy    
5. Daytime Girl    
6. Daytime Girl (Coda)    
7. London Social Degree    
8. Portobello Road    
9. Question Mark    
10. Being Happy    
11. Girl From New York    
12. It Brings Me Down    
13. Would You Believe (Mono Single Version)


Would You Believe:

London Social Degree:


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