White Horse (1977)


White Horse (1977)


Written and recorded in 1977 for Capitol Records in Los Angeles, Billy teamed up with writers Jon Lind and Kenny Altman, plus an impressive line-up of heavyweight musicians, including Jeff Porcaro, Paul Barrere, Russ Kunkel, Fred Tackett, Bill Payne, Reggie Knighton, Doug Livingston and Caleb Quaye.

Billy sings six of his own songs, two of which were later covered by other artists and achieved chart success.

"Can't Stop Loving You" was a UK top ten hit for Leo Sayer in 1978. "Without Your Love" by Roger Daltrey went top twenty in the USA, and featured in the soundtrack of the film "McVicar"; where Roger played the title role. Phil Collins had a huge success with "Can't Stop Loving You" in 2002; featured on his albums Testify and Love Songs.

Keith Urban recorded 'Can't Stop Loving You' on his album 'Love,Pain and the Whole Crazy Thing' in 2006.

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1. It Doesn't Take Much
2. Give It Up
3. Over And Done With
4. Love In A Mist
5. Lost And In Trouble
6. Can't Stop Loving You 
7. Through Thick And Thin
8. Without Your Love
9. Everloving Arms
10. Take Me Back



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