George Harrison and Stanley Unwin RIP

Originally published on Wednesday 17th April 2002

Hi everyone,

The big space between newsletters means nothing exciting to report. However, I'm always writing songs and am currently working towards making two new albums.

One of them will definitely be more acoustic than those I've already produced. I'm still working extensively with Morgan, and sometimes with my daughter Amy.

I was very sad about the death of George Harrison. He was a lovely man who helped me so much when I was young and just starting out as a songwriter.

I was also sad about Stanley Unwin too. As many of you know, I sang many backing vocals on the classic album "Ogden's Nut Gone Flake". It was good to meet up with Stanley again at the Small Faces convention in 2000. It brought back lots of happy memories.

Thanks to Gill Hellier for the photo above.

I came across a few pictures from the 'White Horse' album days: Kenny, Jon and myself in 'promo' mood, a Polaroid with Kenny and one of myself with Jon at Marquee Recording Studios in London, where we recorded several tracks for the album, some of which are yet to be released. So watch this space! Meanwhile, take a look at the photos...

That's all for now!

Best wishes,