'Can't Stop Loving You' a chart hit for 49 weeks

Originally published on Tuesday 2nd September 2003

Long time between news...

The Good News! 'Can't Stop Loving You' by Phil Collins is still in the USA Air Play and A/C charts- 49 weeks so far! Not bad eh?

Still big thanks to Phil for doing such a fine job. The American Society for Composers And Publishers (ASCAP) is to recognise the success of the song for performances in 2002 with an award.

'Testify' has also received an IFPI award for over 1,000,000 copies sold in Europe.

My new album is slow coming mostly due to a slight change of direction away from the more ethnic material. There's enough songs for two albums now, so the ethnic/country album will follow, probably in the new year.

Morgan has been playing bass with the successful band 'The Streets' for most of the summer. However, we will resume work on the album soon.

The Bad News is that due to a sudden deluge of unwelcome advertising material appearing on the website, we have had to temporarily close the visitors page. Hopefully there will be a way round this problem. It's a shame that a few idiots ruin it for the rest of us.

I heard that 'Can't Stop Loving You' turned up unexpectedly in a film on BBC1 last week called 'Arthur's Dyke' with Warren Clarke and Pauline Quirke. Nice scenery accompanied by a good song...... evidently.

Best wishes,