22nd June 2015 Ronnie Lane Project

Name: Hugo Currie

Email Address: hugocurrie@me.com

Subject: Ronnie Lane project

Message: Dear Billy, I had the great fortune to work with you when I co-directed the filming of Pete's Lifehouse at Sadler's Wells in 2000.

Hope this finds you very well. Among other things I'm researching a film script on the late, and very great Ronnie Lane, and wanted to see whether you might be open to having a chat as part of my research ?

If so I'd be thrilled if you can drop me a line, or if you want to have a chat I'm on 07770 416164.

Very best, 



28th July 2015 Hi Billy, hope all is good with you.

Name: stewart roxburgh

Email Address: stewartroxburgh@aol.com

Subject: Can't Stop Loving You

Message: Hi Billy, hope all is good with you. I am presenter with UK country station 2 Country and have a show on Fridays that reaches around 145,000 listeners in 30 countries. I'm playing Keith Urban's recording of the song and wanted to know if you'd be kind enough to supply a quote. Something about the song writing process or the inspiration for the song. Thanks in advance. Stewart

I hadn't been moved like that since The Kinks or Prefab sprout

Posted 18th November 2014

Name: Hugo Chastanet

Email Address: chastanet65@hotmail.com

Subject: I hadn't been moved like that since The Kinks or Prefab sprout  


Message: Hi Billy, i'm a french singer/songwriter (ok that's a bad start, but i do write some good tunes) and i listen to a lot of music, from all decades, and in many genres. I unfortunately knew only your "Would you believe" album, but strangely, not your other works. I just listened to "Entwined again" i think, and it immediately moved me, your voice, the guitar playing, the melodies! I' m beginning to listen to "Love songs", and it's magnificent. 
I just want to say Bravo! And i mean it. 
Cheers. Hugo

A cover of your wonderful London Social Degree

Posted 12 November 2014

Name: James Bishop

Email Address: Jimbish1@aol.com

Subject: A cover of your wonderful London Social Degree 

Message: Hi Billy,

Huge fan of your work. I have just put my cover of your London Social Degree on Soundcloud (just go on there and put James Bishop and London Social Degree in and it should come up. I recorded it on a little 4 track machine at home and I changed some of the words a bit to make the song more about the banking crisis but I hope it sounds ok to you. Also I hope you don't mind me doing this. Anyway, good luck with everything you are doing. Best wishes James